Dr. Manish Sahu, Gold Medalist

Dr. Manish Sahu is one of the top class pulmonologist and Chest Specialist in Delhi NCR. He has gone through intensive training and had immense exposure at AIIMS, New Delhi . He has years of experience in treating some of the toughest cases of chest diseases.

Treatments are prescribed under expert guidance of Dr. Manish Sahu, Gold Medalist MD(Pulmonary Medicine, Govt. Medical College ,Amritsar,Punjab.), Ex-resident AIIMS, consultant pulmonologist and Assistant Professor- Santosh Medical College. The clinic has tie up for advance and hi tech infrastructure for a pulmonary function test, Allergy Test, peak flow test and other related tests.

This expert has shown great clinical skill in diagnosing tuberculosis, chronic asthma and other chest ailments, weight loss, sudden loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing and chest pain. He also skill fully treats drug-resistant tuberculosis.

He is an expert and trained Physician for treating congenital lung anomaly, other generic ailments like ciliary dyskinesia and cystic fibrosis. He has a reputation for treating difficult cases of recurring bronchitis, pneumonia, a suppurative lung disease. Other than these many other chronic and acute diseases and health related issues like chronic tonsillitis, sleep disorder, difficulty in breathing, persistent pneumonia or Lung collapse are treated here with utmost proficiency.

Dr. Manish Sahu

MD(Pulmonary Medicine)
from Govt. Medical College
,Amritsar ,Punjab.
Gold Medalist,
EX-Resident AIIMS, New Delhi.

A Team of Specialized Physicians

The strategic location of the Ethical Dental & Health Care has helped thousands of patients to get specialized dental and other physiological treatments. The specialized center is strategically located at a prominent location in front of Pathways School and near sector 104. Because of this strategic location, this highly acclaimed Institute is easily accessible from Noida from different central sectors like 45,46,47,48,82,93A,93B,94,99,100,105 and all other highly urbanized localities. Through Greater Noida Expressway this institute can be easily accessible.

This institute changes the viewpoint of patients towards dentistry. This highly acclaimed Institute is honored to be able to deliver patients wide-ranging of technically advanced dentistry solution in a comfortable ambience. This dental and healthcare clinic is particularly intended to create the perfect tranquil and relaxed ambience for patients. This organization is increasingly focusing on the excellence of treatment. The specialized institute provides every patient personal attention and customized treatment speciality.

Ethical Dental & Chest Care makes a high standard of specialized obligation to every patient. Every doctors and health care providers pay particular specified attention to every patient’s different requirements so that a comprehensive dental service can be designed for different patients. Specialized and customized dental services will help patients to preserve a healthy smile.

These specialized treatment facilities in this institute introduce advanced, systematically established and pain-free options and give you an attractive smile in just 24 hours. This institute has numerous specialized MD doctors for performing tooth replacement, root canal, and other specialized treatment by using scientifically advanced dental graft treatment which is an important aspect of dental health and aesthetic dentistry.

Ethical Dental & Chest Care specializes in basic dental implant techniques that remove dentures, lost and broken teeth, bridges and other faulty structure of dentistry with new teeth – and the most appealing factor about these procedures is – it’s done in just one day and that also in a comfortable setting. Nobody wants to have a wrong structure of teeth, bad breath related problem and an unattractive smile. With a team of specialized doctor, you will finally be able to free from all oral health issues. Now no more name calling due to missing teeth, bridges or any other dentures related issues.

Apart from Dental cure, this clinic is known for specialized MD physicians for problems related to the lungs and chest. To get specialized treatment in affordable rate from the reputed chest specialist, you can get help from us. Contact us or Visit us to know more.


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